June 22, 2022 2 min read

Let’s talk about the full-body waist trainer that every woman needs in her life!

Wearing a full-body waist trainer in the summer might sound crazy to some, but it is actually just what the doctor – and the fashion stylist – ordered. Mid thigh, open-bust waist trainers work great as well, but you aren’t going to get that Snatched Body look as easily unless it covers the entire chest area. Because let’s be real with each other, the extra coverage only leads to added support and a more snatched body!

Wearing an open-bust waist trainer is like going to the gym and only working out your legs. Sure you’ll get results, but they won’t be consistent with the rest of your body unless you fully commit! Get that body Instagram and beach-ready this summer with a full-body garment.

woman sun bathingWear that Body Shaper This Summer! Here’s Why:

With summer just around the corner, time is ticking to get summertime ready! Our Fajas are the perfect summer accessory you didn't know you needed. They provide tummy control, arm support, breast support, and a perfect hourglass fit. So you'll be sure to look snatched for all your summertime activities.

Showing More Skin Doesn’t Mean Drop the Faja

Yes, our full-coverage fajas cover the entire chest, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn during summer. Our Fajas come in beautiful nude and black colors, making them easier to wear with summer attire.

And despite them being full-coverage, they are still generously low-cut, so you can wear your faja hidden beneath any top. We even have a tip for you…Unhook the breast area if you want to show a little cleavage, nobody will notice!

Mediocre Won’t Cut It

Summer is the time of year when you want to look as snatched as possible. It is the time of year when you show off your snatched body whenever you can. So, you might not wear your faja to the beach, but wearing a full body faja to work or during your workout will keep you beach-snatched all summer long.

working out with faja

The added breast support and gentle straps may even help relieve back pain because our fajas provide the ultimate support in the areas you need it the most.

Workouts Just Got Better!

We all know that wearing full-length clothes in the summer will likely make us sweat more. The same can be said for full-body shapewear by Snatched Body, especially when worn while working out. Our body shapers are breathable and allow for a comfortable workout without noticing all the extra sweat your body produces from working out in a full-body compression garment.

Here are some benefits of wearing full-body shapewear while working out:

  • Gets you sweating more during your workout.
  • Leads to more weight loss faster.
  • Leads to better body shaping results.
  • Keeps the blood flowing properly during the workout.

Not only do our full-body fajas help you shape and snatch your body in the winter, but they work just as well, if not better, when worn during the summer. Snatched Body keeps you shapely all year long! With our top-quality body shapers you simply can’t go wrong.


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