April 13, 2022 2 min read

Our Team at Snatched Body wants to make every woman feel sexy on National Lingerie Day with Colombian shapewear.

You might not be thinking about purchasing a new faja Colombiana when hearing about National Lingerie Day, but let us change your mind! There are so many positives to investing in a faja. Not only do they help you feel better in the skin you’re in and get you ready to wear that new lingerie, but they can decrease certain health risks by stimulating blood flow throughout the body.

Get that shapewear waist of your dreams with a new body shaper this National Lingerie Day! You won’t believe the results you’ll see when you try on your new lingerie!

What Is National Lingerie Day?

It is the one time out of the year to take the time out to really appreciate underwear and how far it has come design-wise. National Lingerie Day celebrates the day that humans changed from wearing thick, long, loose, heavy undergarments to comfortably skin-tight, light, and breathable underwear.

national lingerie day

Be sure to put on your favorite lingerie this April 25th in celebration of Lady Duff-Gordon, the woman that revolutionized the way humans saw their underwear. Women quickly ditched the heavy-set rags for Duff-Gordon’s sexy and comfortable lingerie. National Lingerie Day also celebrates the day the brassiere was patented, which also marked a turning point in history for women around the world!

The Top Lingerie Trends This Year

faja outdoorHave you put a faja Colombiana in your cart yet? What is taking you so long? You have to consider participating in some of these new lingerie trends! April 25th is now a day to spoil yourself. After all, what’s the point in feeling confident in your skin if you aren’t going to dress it up a little, right?

Here are the 2022 trends for lingerie:

  • High waisted bottoms and triangle tops with garter thigh-high tights.
  • One-piece deep V lace lingerie.
  • Wearing mesh slipcovers and skirts to comfortably walk around the house.
  • Wearing clothing pieces that show off fashionable undergarments.
  • Men’s lingerie.

According to Vogue, women and men are going all out with their lingerie this Spring, quite literally. The runway saw small peeks of underwear and some outfits entirely transparent to show off the garments beneath.

Get Ready For Lingerie Day With Faja Colombiana

The faja Colombiana is the easiest and best way to do waist training. It is also one of the easiest non-invasive techniques women use to transform their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. With National Lingerie Day just around the corner, feeling confident in your own skin is a must if you are going to enjoy the holiday!

And what a beautiful holiday indeed.

The Faja Colombiana is shapewear for women that provides that tummy control with its waist cincher capabilities, and you can even purchase a full body waist trainer to transform your legs as well as your waist.

Feel sexy in anything this Lingerie Day!


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