June 08, 2022 3 min read

High-Compression BBL shapewear your BFF will LOVE during and after her recovery.

woman with secretThis month has one of the most important days of the year, National Bestfriend Day! June 8th is the beloved day to celebrate your BFF, and what better way to celebrate than by getting her a gift she really needs. As we all know, BFFs talk about everything together.

Chances are, you know about a secret BBL, so it’s only right you show your support by giving the ultimate support of a Colombian Faja. It’ll make her look like she got a tummy tuck along with her BBL! It’ll even be the butt lift your BFF has always wanted.

There’s nothing quite like BBL shapewear. She will be shocked at the snatched results she sees immediately after trying it on!

She Can’t Have a BBL Without a Post Op Bodyshaper

Post-surgery recovery is crucial for beautiful BBL results. Your bestie knows this, and she may have already bought another BBL shapewear, but we are here to tell you that our Snatched Body Fajas are better than the rest.

If you want your BFF to have the best results possible, investing in our bodyshapers is the only way to ensure that outcome. Below are three reasons why our BBL bodyshaper is the one your bestie really wants deep down in her heart.

1. Added Back and Tummy Control

Our BBL body shaper is a mid thigh, open-bust compression garment. The cut of this garment is essential because it provides the best results possible, including added back and tummy support. Butt lift surgery adds inevitable stress to the back and midsection, so your bestie will need all of the support she can get.

woman wearing faja

In fact, the added back and mid-section support of our compression garment makes it stand out from the rest. It’s designed by experts in the industry that understand the natural contours of the body and how to show off her bodily curves without risking the results of her surgery. The added support leads to:

  • Better blood flow.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Better results.
  • Fewer health risks.

Doesn’t your bestie deserve the best of the best?! We think so!

2. The Open Bust Shows Off All of the Cleavage

Post surgical self-esteem is just as important as her self-esteem when she’s healed up. The way these Colombian fajas are made leaves the bust open to show off your BFF’s beautiful cleavage.

This will give her the chance to see how beautiful her body is underneath all of the swelling from surgery. Not only that, but this mid-thigh compression garment provides added sex appeal in all of the right areas because there isn’t a bra attached. Your BFF can put on her favorite sexy bra and admire her beautifully snatched body underneath.

3. The 3 Variable Compression Hooks Are Everyone’s Favorite!

Our BBL fajas have three variable compression hooks. This is great to have because it changes the compression of the garment overall. Right after surgery, your BFF will need tighter compression to encourage blood flow and healthy recovery.

She will want to keep the garment at the tightest compression setting. Once she’s healed up, she will still want to wear the body shaping garment but won’t need as much compression. That’s when the loosest setting comes into play. Your girl will be wearing this faja for years to come!

There’s no question that buying a Colombian faja for her is an excellent investment and exactly what she needs. BBL shapewear is a must whether your bestie is fresh out of surgery or not. Don’t let her suffer another second without showing off her bootay with BBL control shapewear!


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