November 18, 2021 2 min read

Colombian Fajas For Crazy Low Prices

Hey doll! So, we're not sure if you've ever heard about a teensy holiday called Black Friday... Well, it is near and clear, and we are bulking it up with Cyber Monday for incredible deals.

Clear up your calendars for Snatched Body's Cyberweek, we promise you'll love it. Our Colombian Fajas provide high compression, perfect for pretty much all post op situations like tummy control, lipo care, and BBL recovery. Make sure to take advantage of our BIGGEST SALE of the year! Take 20% of Snatched Body Compression Fajas!!!

Why Use a Faja as Shapewear?

woman with fajaBody shapers are often used to get that hourglass shape many women want. Among other popular products are waist trainers, which are used to work out most of the time.

But when you buy a Snatched Body Faja, you are buying both of these products in one! Snatched Body girdles help with the recovery process of a surgical procedure as well. Doubling up as shapewear and compression gear for surgery recovery.

Easily to be used regardless of plastic surgery, these garments also hide well under most clothes. They hold up your bust, snatch your waist, and shape your thighs.

If you are not acquainted with our Fajas, they always come with extra space for your booty. So even with the waist and thigh compression, your bottom will always take the spotlight.

So, the next time you think about how to snatch your waist, plump up the glutes, and tighten your silhouette... Make sure you're taking advantage of our Cyberweek deals starting on Black Friday.

Get Your BBL Supply List

If there was ever a time to stock up on all BBL essentials, this would be it. With our 20% store-wide discount, you can get all the needed post surgery gear for a smooth healing process.

BBL products

We all know, Brazilian Butt Lifts need to be accompanied by many products for your comfort, recovery, and safety. At Snatched Body you will find soft / firm BBL pillows, massage rollers, and even abdominal boards. If you are preparing for surgery now is the time, and if you've just had it, time is running out girl!

Contour Fajas With 20% Off

After getting any surgery procedures done, it is imperative to wear compression garments. Full body wear is a healing must, unfortunately many women post surgery are not equipped.

There are many companies that claim to have post surgical Fajas. But most of these are just repurposed "body-shapers" that can actually cause harm to the results of patients.

Make sure that you are set on getting quality wear, if you want a quality body. A snatched baddie shouldn't settle for $20.00 garments, because they can't help you STAY snatched. So take advantage, save up, and keep slaying!


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