September 16, 2021 2 min read

Meeting Your Plus Size Fashion Needs

Many women in the U.S. love watching shows like Next in Fashion, Queer Eye, Say Yes to the Dress, and America's Next Top Model. But, grand events like the Met Gala and New York Fashion week don't show transformations! This leaves people (especially plus size women) wondering how models slip on their outfits.

The answer is simple, body shaping. The best plus size shapewear does not show, and enhances all your curves properly. These garments can come in full-cover bodysuits, underwear, or even leggings... And their limits are boundless!

Looking for Plus Size Bridal Shapewear?

plus size wedding model

If you are looking for the best waist clenching support, look no further than Colombian Fajas. Their full-body styles can give you that hourglass figure for the big day, no doubt!

Perfect for gowns, Fajas give you that plus size tummy control that other shape wear may not. They are the #1 recommended undergarment for a wedding. Given that not only will you look great with a dress on, but they can make you feel sexy and confident with it off.

Compression Shapewear for Plus Size Women

Many other Fajas also tailor to Post-Op situations as well. This apparel shapes your body while helping it heal. Wether you are looking for plus size maternity shapewear, or compression garments after plastic surgery... Fajas are where it's at.

And we know it's not all about the compression! You may be looking to show off that new BBL, the mommy makeover, or postpartum body. This is why Snatched Body Fajas have ample space for your booty. So slip on that dream dress and KNOW that "you're showin' off, but it's alright." 😉

The Ultimate Celebrity Hack

The Kardashians of the world may be well blessed with money and genes, but very seldom do they reveal their secrets. However, we know plus size strapless shapewear is one of them. Braless wear works just as well too, because it will also have a lifting effect on your breasts.

So enjoy your comfort, your beauty, and embrace it at all times. Even when you're slaying out in public with tummy control gear, we know it's all YOU doll!


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