November 22, 2021 2 min read

A Thanksgiving Edition

With Thanksgiving around the corner, people are looking back at 2021 for moments with silver lining. Post surgery foam sheets are an invention we personally treasure. Their medical grade quality makes them one of the most comfortable products of the year.

And because we’re ALL about staying snatched… it's impossible to NOT be thankful for the material that literally heals and reliefs our dolls through the process. So, thank you... lipofoam.

santched body teamLipo Foam Boards for Stage 2 Fajas

Just kidding! As much as we love good old post operative compression garments, what we are truly thankful for is the Snatched Body family. It's not like we wanna brag (cough.. cough) but our dedicated team can make, pack, ship, and deliver gold! With Colombian rhythms and Cuban cafecito.

The entire Snatched family and dolls are what makes these hearts flutter. So thank YOU, for being a part of this team, vision and culture. A non-judgemental group of people who support those who pave the way to becoming exactly who they want to be. Evolving and growing are an important part of life, and we want you to do this while feeling and looking your best.

But Don’t Forget About the Lipo Foam Pads!

Seriously though, lipofoam can save your figure! Uniform healing, smooth compression, and... the TEAM right?! Trust me, during Thanksgiving, none of us will sit at the table talking about our gratitude for 360 lipo foam. However, we are always grateful to our team for coming up with ideas for new products.

lipo foam infographic

We live for providing our community with dependable high-quality products. Sometimes, other post-op providers really just care about sales, regardless of their product quality. We're proud to put the Snatched Body name on every single item we offer. Our mothers, tias, sisters, and even daughters have taught us that all women need quality products, especially after undergoing a medical procedure.

Getting a BBL, Tummy Tuck, or even a Mommy Makeover can lift spirits and confidence, our number 1 cause. So this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for people who stay true to their hearts, for everyone who slays with dedication, and for all our Snatched Baddies.


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