January 30, 2022 3 min read

At Snatched Body we have the ultimate food guide for the perfect slim thick body!

salad and chickenThe slim thick body is blazing hot. There is simply no way around that. Millions of women all around the world are at the gym trying to attain this “perfect” physique. Well, look no further for all the information you need to get that body on! We got you covered.

Granted, we can’t guarantee that you will have the Instagram model's perfect slim thick body in x amount of weeks. Anyone that promises that, is likely lying to you. No, we are here to give you the dietary information you’ll need to get started turning your body into this perfect depiction. Whatever that may look like for you!

Fuel Your Body For Success

Food is the fuel for your success, not only for optimal health and living but to attain the body type you desire. They say that to achieve this goal there should be an 80/20 ratio. 80% is the food you put in your body, while the other 20% is the exercise you do. So first and foremost it is truly all about what you eat!

Of course, it is important that you are eating foods that will help you gain muscle, rather than foods that will help you gain fat. For this specific body type, it’s also important that you are eating often enough to keep up with the calories you burn.

Here’s How To Do it the Right Way

For the slim thick body type, it is important that you identify if you are overweight or underweight by determining your BMI.

BMI = weight (in pounds x 703) / (height in inches x height in inches)

Once you have determined this, it will tell you how often you should eat during the day, essentially. If you are overweight, you will want to eat at a slight caloric deficit. This means that after your day is over and you’ve worked out and eaten everything for the day, you’ll want your calories burned to be slightly more than the calories consumed. If you are underweight, you’ll want to eat more calories than you burn!

woman calculating

After you’ve achieved the slim thick body type you’ve hoped for, you should eat slightly more calories than you burn. However, it is important that you are eating food that helps gain muscle! This means lots and lots of lean protein as well as plant-based proteins like beans, nuts, and protein powders, as well as tons of leafy greens and other veggies. You’ll also want to consume fruit every day but veggies are more of a priority! The slim thick body type also loves long-grain brown rice!

Whole grains are great as well but you don’t want to overdo it on starches, and sugars (even fruits).

Different Go-To Meal Ideas

The main thing to remember about your diet is that grams of protein should be where most of your calories come from. You want to reduce the grams of fat as much as you can. You even want your carb intake to be a higher number as well but only healthy carbs!

A typical daily diet for someone aiming for the slim thick body type is:

  • Breakfast: 4 egg whites (scrambled), turkey bacon, some hash browns, a piece of fruit.
  • Pre-workout meal: Chicken sandwich with cheese, spinach, mayo on whole-grain bread, a cup of fruit, and a banana.
    • For this meal, you’ll want 1g of carbs per 1 kg of bodyweight.
  • Post-workout snack (3-4 hours after pre-workout meal):A combination of whey and casein protein, (rolled oats) oatmeal with peanut butter is a good example.
  • Dinner: High fiber meal with bean protein. This is your largest meal of the day. 3 cups of chili is a great example of this.
  • Before bed meal: Slow-digesting proteins like cottage cheese, wheat thin crackers, and a kale salad with turkey breast.

Depending on your caloric goals, this is a great example to go from. Clean carbs and clean proteins are your best friend! It is also a great idea to start tracking your macros to ensure you are getting enough clean proteins, fats, and carbs each day!


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