August 18, 2021 2 min read

Waist Trainers vs. Fajas

If you're in the market looking for a product to give you an hourglass silhouette, then you've probably heard of fajas and waist trainers. They are both meant to enhance the body’s natural curve while snatching the waist, thus making your booty POP.

Yes! They Will Both Give You a Slender Waist

Both of these garments will have you Instagram ready in no time, and these pictures too will have to occur in different situations.

Waist trainers work great when paired with a fit lifestyle, which is why so many gym-goers wear these garments. They are very visible with complex belts and only cover someone’s midsection, applying no pressure on the thighs, chest, or arms.

On the other hand, fajas will get you just as selfie-ready, but in this case, they work as a snatched waist undergarment. Easily disguisable with clothing on top, they are made to be less visible and come closer to lingerie.

In Spite of That, Fajas and Waist Trainers Have Key Differences

  • hand holding key difference Stage 1 Fajas: These are used for post-surgery care and shapewear. It’s a safe garment that works best for plastic surgery recovery, made for healing and reshaping.
  • Waist Trainers: Can be worn while working and relaxing. These products do not reduce a person’s body fat, but rather contour a body for a slimmer waist. They are made to help people sweat more and maintain proper posture.
  • Stage 2 Fajas: Fajas cover more than just your waist, these compression garments cover the shoulders to mid-thigh. However, although they are a must for post-op situations, stage 2 fajas are frequently used for waist training as well.
  • Waist Trainers With Clothes: The thick material of waist trainers doesn’t look good under clothes, Because of this, it is actually trendy to see these garments be worn on top of gym wear… even T-shirts!

Wait! So Do Waist Trainers Work?!

Have you been reading?! At shaping your waist, yes, at burning fat… depends on how much you work out. Girl, this all depends on how much effort you put in.

When it comes to fajas, they are recommended by doctors after plastic surgery, so you know they are more than necessary. Not only are they required as post-op recovery gear, fajas for waist training get the job done pretty well.

Because of the compression created by the fibers of a Snatched Body faja, Stage 2 fajas are commonly used for waist training. Their adaptable hooks help you go through different measurements and help you slowly go smaller. And as you know... being slim thick is what we’re all about! 💜


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