July 20, 2021 2 min read

Wearing a Faja Every Day? Here’s How to Make It Comfortable!

If you’ve worn a Snatched Body Stage 1 Faja before, then you know already that they’re snug (that’s a good thing). With three different compression hooks and superior Powernet fabric, Snatched Body Fajas are THAT girl.

“Is My Faja Too Small? Is It the Right Size?”

However, if you ever thought about ways to make your faja feel more comfortable, pay attention and bring out your cup, cause we have some hot tea for you 🍵

The Faja Comfort Essentials

  • Adjustable Compression Hooks: If you feel like your faja is too tight or too loose, you can always adjust it with the different hooks that come with your faja. That way, you can find the perfect way for your faja to work and feel comfortable at the same time.
  • Lipo Foam: if you had liposuction or a BBL, then lipo foam is the product to elevate your faja experience. Like a soft layer between your faja and your skin, lipo foam can help both prevent skin folds & help soften tight compression.
  • Abdominal Board: This board provides a sturdy outer structure to decrease pain and discomfort, also giving you more support when you wear your faja.
  • Lipo Roller: Like a lymphatic drainage massage at home, this product keeps your blood flowing and reduces swelling.

Feel Comfy and Slim In Your Shapewear Faja

woman in comfortable fajaWhether you got liposuction or a BBL, improving comfort in your midsection area is a must.

With lipo foam, you can have a softer faja experience that will reduce discomfort and speed up recovery. If the lipo foams don’t fit in like the perfect piece of a puzzle, then cut’em up! That’s part of their magic. They can be customized easily, so they can help anyone to wear a Stage 1 or Stage 2 Faja.

Snatched Body Lipo Foam & Abdominal Boards are the coconut and the rum. They just work at making the wearer feel comfortable, soft, and plush. But here’s a real tip for dolls that want a little extra that can go a long way... The Lipo Roller hands users the power of lymphatic massages to their own two hands.

By rolling this ergonomic massage pin, you can increase blood flow which helps with swelling, breaking scar tissue, AND speeding up recovery. I’m serious y'all! These key items can be & should be used in combination to experience a spa-esque plastic surgery recovery experience. It’s all about feeling good on the journey to look even better.

It’s All About Quality & Timing

Get the most out of your faja! After all, we’re NOT in 16th century Europe having to hold in considerable amounts of oxygen in return for a tiny waist. In fact, fajas did evolve from corsets during that time, but we’ve had a while to tweak some things.

At Snatched Body, we refuse to sacrifice comfort for no reason, that’s why we pledge comfort and sizzling hot results with our fajas & products. Plastic surgery recovery is already challenging as is, and your faja experience doesn't have to be. So stock up on these post-op essentials and prepare to be impressed.


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