December 22, 2021 2 min read

Ab Boards Under The Tree

The holidays are here! We're so close to Christmas cheer. And although you've probably got it handled by now, we need you to know about a must-have gift you can't miss out on.

ab board

If you're thinking about getting a Faja or already have one, ab boards are a product that should be in your mind. Be it as a present for yourself, a family member, or a friend, this find can change the body-shaping experience.

Wearing compression garments, otherwise known as Fajas, is a recovery step after an aesthetic procedure. But, some skin types may not heal uniformly due to movement. A lipo board is then the perfect answer.

Avoiding Surgical Side Effects

The mid-section of a person's body may feel differently due to creases when sitting, or overall moving. This is an issue that occurs when wearing any compression garments.

However, even in a serious post surgery situation... we got you! Keeping the skin around your belly button flat is a must for your skin and overall results. So get rid of uneven skin, unwanted stretch marks, and pesky folds with an ab board!

Upgrade Your Compression Garments

As a rule of thumb, everyone must wear a stage one Faja for at least 3 weeks post op. However, there are ways to make this more comfortable for yourself.

One of these ways is by wearing a lipo foam, and another is by using a liposuction board. An ab board can help you with the following:

  • Prevent Liquid Retention
  • Speed up Your Healing Process
  • Flatten Out Abdominal Skin

So stock up this season on essentials, and upgrade them with Snatched Body!


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