BBL Lumbar Molder

The recovery period after a bbl is a sensitive time, pressure can actually kill the newly transferred fat cells of the buttocks!

Your “behind” becomes your new baby for a couple of months, and keeping it from pressure can become extremely difficult. There’s a lot on the line!

Recovery is as important to the shape of the glutes-- as the actual surgery! Snatched Body BBL lumbar molder boards, were designed to not only keep harmful pressure the heck away from the buttocks--but also to further enhance the final shape of the bum!

The perfect companion for dolls that want to make the best out of their BBL procedure in terms of shape & end result.

And yes, it is compatible with all our Snatched Body fajas & even most other undergarments.

Snatched Body BBL Lumbar Molder

  • Better Shape: After a fat transfer, the lower back slopes, or projects into the buttock area. That area of the slope is essential to the shape of the overall bum. The lumbar molder helps sculpt that very important “rise” that connects the lower back to the beginning of the upper glutes. 
  • Prevents Buttock Pressure:Lower back pressure from the back can shift straight to the sensitive glutes, better known as the “NO” pressure zone. By placing the Lumbar Molder, the pressure all gets absorbed and stopped right on the spot. That way, the glutes continue to mold and shape with more fat cells.
  • Instant Comfort: Post-op, there is a lot of pain, discomfort, fluid retention, and swelling that occurs along with the glutes. Because the lumbar molder also helps with keeping pressure off the glutes, this creates an alleviating effect. Say bye-bye to overwhelming pain, discomfort, fluid retention, and swelling.

    If you’re serious about sculpting your perfect bbl while feeling the most comfort possible, then make sure to get your hands on this "must-have"!

Customer Reviews

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Davina Safir
Yes girl , must buy

This is the best , it’s soft is comfortable , it’s flexible and I’m sure it will work for my surgery coming up now in June 8 2022, thank you

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