BBL Post-Op Recovery Bundle


Your choice of soft or firm BBL pillow:

The BBL Soft Recovery Pillow (*Product Information)

  • Short Comfortable Sits:For eating at restaurants, socializing, and short trips.

The BBL Firm Recovery Pillow (*Product Information)

  • Longterm Sit Sessions: For long car rides, work sessions, and long-term sitting.

Our BBL Recovery Pillow Lines Allow for:

Get The Ability To Travel & Sit: Our pillow works everywhere. Now you can feel free to sit again! All without causing any harm to your buttocks after a Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Reduce Pressure: Surgeons express their main concern to be the harms of sitting. When we sit, blood flow does not go to the procedure section. But you no longer have to avoid sitting! This pillow enables proper blood flow, while shifting pressure to the lower thighs. All this ensures that healing occurs without issue.

Firm Comfort & Support: The pillow is engineered for long stretches of sitting down. That means for work, rides, or just binging some of your favorite shows on the TV. When you touch it, you notice a firm yet squishy material, and that’s the key here! BBL pillows should be firm enough to withstand long sitting sessions. But at the same time, they to be comfortable and gentle. 

Preserve Your Procedure: During the first recovery weeks after the BBL, making the wrong decision can permanently affect the quality of your fat transfer. This pillow does more than provide comfort. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the procedure yields results after your recovery period.

The P-EZ Travel Urinal

Go #1 Anywhere, Without the Mess: Originally designed for travel, the P-EZ is the most user-friendly female urinal available on the market. It’s just so simple and easy to use... It can be used at bedside, the bathroom, standing up, and sitting down. 

No Leaks: Curved edge and sturdy silicone material make the P-EZ spill-proof.

Anti-Bacterial: The silicone material used in this product is anti-bacterial and easy to clean. 

No Flow-Back or Splashing: Designed with a long stem to ensure no flow-back, drips, or splashing.

Reusable: Handles are designed with an anti-skid coating that's easy and comfortable to grip, making this female urinal a long lasting solution to going #1.

The Liposuction Massage Roller 

Speeds Up Healing Time: Use this simple handheld massage roller to speed up your healing and recovery process.

Reduces Swelling: Massage increases blood flow to reduce swelling.

Break Up Scar Tissue: Prevent fibrosis and seroma through post-op massage. Using this roller helps to break up scar tissue leaving smooth results.

Independent Rolling Spindles: Each spindle rolls separately to give you the most efficient massage experience.

Ergonomic Grip: Handles are designed with an anti-skid coating that's easy and comfortable to grip, making this roller easy to use and effective.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Withney Merisier
highly recommended

I ordered my bundle this Wednesday night and I already receive my package today thank you so much. I can't to try them

very fast delivery 🚚

sharita martin
bbl package

I ordered on a Friday and my package arrived on Tuesday the following week. Very fast delivery, I loved the items, the female urinal was the life of me after my procedure. I love all my products, THANKS GUYS

Savinka Thompson

So freaking happy to have this pillow by my side, now I can sit without worrying.

Ishu Kumari

This is like every single item a person that got a bbl needs. I’m so glad that I got it because I would be struggling so bad without it lol

Sara Will

I get to sit, to pee without struggling, and relieve myself with massages. It should be called the “YOU NEED TO BUY BBL BUNDLE” instead!

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