BBL Pillow 2-Pack: Soft & Firm Combo

The Complete Post Op BBL Pillow Bundle For Sitting For Short Comfortable Sessions & Long Supportive Durations 

Your dream bottom is almost here thanks to getting a BBL! It’s exciting and a little nerve-wracking, but it is absolutely worth it.

But before getting the swimsuit and camera out… you have to get through the recovery phase!

BBL recovery usually means absolutely not sitting. You can’t sit after a recent procedure or you risk:

  • Increased bruising
  • Pain
  • Causing damage
  • Cutting circulation
  • Added scaring
  • Serious complications

Because of these very serious reasons, BBL recovery takes place lying face down on a bed or surface for 4-6 weeks.

That means no more:

  • Getting to work sitting up
  • Eating sitting up
  • Traveling in a car, bus, and airplane
  • Casual restaurant conversation 
  • No more sitting... period!

That’s why bbl pillows are so important! You get the freedom to transfer all that pressure in order to sit up!

But even then, getting a single firm traditional bbl pillow is sort of problematic for some.

Not all scenarios call for a firm and sturdy Brazilian butt lift pillow, here’s why:

Firm bbl pillows are made to withstand the pressure from a long work session, or even long car rides.

There are times in which you just want to sit up and watch an episode of your favorite show experiencing extreme soft comfort.

It is that struggle between wanting a pillow that is firm for long tasks and a pillow that is soft for short activities that has been a huge problem.

Until now…

Our Snatched Body BBL Pillow Bundle has the best of both worlds in the bbl scene. It is easy to carry and comes with a drawstring bag in order to give you support and comfort whenever, wherever. 

BBL Soft & Firm Pillow Combo 

The Snatched Body Firm pillow is perfect for:

  • Sit for long work sessions
  • Long travels on airplane and car rides
  • Socializing on a chair for long periods

The Snatched Body soft pillow is perfect for:

  • Watch your favorite show comfortably
  • Sit up for short work tasks
  • Short casual socializing 

Your freedom, your choice. That’s what the BBL Soft & Firm Pillow Combo offers! Make sure to add this “must-have” combo while they’re still in stock!

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