Soft BBL Recovery Pillow

The Perfect Companion for Dolls That Are Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift and Are Wondering How to Sit After a BBL 

A simple boppy pillow just won't do anymore, especially not after a surgical procedure! And at Snatched Body we believe you don't need to avoid sitting during a healthy healing process. This is why with the Soft BBL Recovery Sitting Pillow you'll get:

  • The Ability To Travel After a Fat Transfer: Our pillow works absolutely everywhere. Gain freedom of choice to sit again and even go driving. All this flexibility without causing any harm to your buttock section post-surgery. You can now sit while giving your BBL the healing time it needs.
  • Reduce Pressure: Board certified plastic surgeons express that their main BBL concern is sitting. When we sit, blood flow is stopped from going to the procedure section. This pillow enables proper blood flow, as it shifts the pressure to the lower thighs. Ensuring that proper healing occurs without issue.
  • Optimal Material: This pillow is engineered with the best materials to withstand pressure from short-term sitting. It is soft, super comfortable, and effective during your recovery period. Perfect for shorter work-related tasks, talks in the living room, that last episode you're missing... And other short term activities that demand the utmost comfort.
  • Preserve Your Procedure: During the first recovery weeks after a BBL, making the wrong decision can have a permanent outcome. This pillow does more than provide comfort. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the surgery yields results. The kind of results you want to show off on ALL social media platforms.

It’s an exciting time! Your gluteus section is about to become a whole lot plumper and rounder, but we also have news that are not exciting yet VERY important.

Post-procedure recovery time is just as important as the actual surgery. That means that to ensure: 

  • Rapid Healing 
  • Minimal Bruising
  • Minimal Pain and Scarring
  • Proper Blood Flow

Sitting down again for a period of time will be absolutely impossible! And those aren't just BBL recovery tips, this is a plastic surgeon mandated action... After all, removing fat takes a toll on your body.

This all boils down to saying no to work while sitting in an office chair, “no” to long car rides, “no” to airplane rides, no sitting watching movies, “no” to sitting on a couch, “no” dining while sitting...

Well, that used to be the case, until we thought of a way to work around the main problem that sitting down causes after getting a BBL surgery done.

The Soft BBL Recovery Sitting Pillow shifts pressure away from the buttocks' area to the hamstring area for short periods of time. 

That way the surgery site continues to have normal levels of oxygen and blood flow while it heals without complications.

Our soft recovery pillow provides the best conditions for enjoyable short term sitting. This grants you the ability to live life upright and comfortable until a full recovery is made.

Snatched Body's Soft BBL Recovery Sitting Pillow is the perfect way to experience extremely comfortable positions while doing things like: 

  • Eating a meal.
  • Short casual talks.
  • Short car rides.
  • Writing a quick work email.
  • Watching an episode of your favorite show.

Check out our Firm BBL Recovery Pillow for long-term supported sitting, much like an airplane ride!

Make sure to add this to your cart before your surgery date. The Soft BBL Recovery Pillow specifically flies off the shelves fast, so remember to get one before its too late.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maria Suarez

4 weeks ago I had the BBL, I loved the result but the post-operative is very uncomfortable, but when I use this pillow it helped me a lot.
I was able to work and drive with the pillow."

Prue Miller
Very soft, I love it

I love this pillow, it is soft and it is perfect to use it while eating

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