Post Surgery Faja With Sleeves & Bra


Got a Plastic Surgery Procedure Like Breast Augmentation, Arm Liposuction, Midsection Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, or Tummy Tuck?

Before you go out and show the world your jaw-dropping transformation… You absolutely need to wear a Stage 1 post-surgery compression faja, doctor's orders!

Snatched Body Post-Surgery Faja With Sleeves and Bra (Stage 1):

  • Arm Liposuction Support Sleeves: The sleeves on this faja bring added arm support. This is especially needed after getting work done in your arms. With the proper compression benefits, you don’t need to wear a ridiculous amount of hospital bandages. Which is an issue that could even cut off circulation!
  • Breast Support: A faja with an incorporated bra brings added breast support. It is perfect for anyone who had a breast lift or augmentation. Get all the compression benefits for better-sculpted breasts and daily comfort.
  • Gentle Comfort Shoulder Straps: Added foam on the shoulder straps, so there is no pressure or pain! You’ll forget you have a faja on.
  • Variable Snatched Compression: Our fajas are tailor-made for sculpting a smaller waist. All while providing ample room for full and rounded buttocks. Just picture, the perfect compression technology for a truly jaw-dropping Brazilian Butt Lift.
  • Added Back & Midsection Support: BBL’s consist of lipo 360 or complete sculpting of the back and midsection. Because of this, we added an extra layer of compression that helps with proper posture. 
  • 3 Variable Compression Hooks:Choose the right size every time! Most people have difficulty choosing a faja and go 1 size too large or too small. With 3 front hooks, you can be certain you choose the right size! Not to mention now you also can control your compression level, like with popular waist trainers.
  • Bathroom Zipper:Go to the bathroom without having to take off your faja! There’s an added easy bathroom access zipper. No need to take it off and putting it back on for every bathroom trip.

Why Snatched Body? 

All our compression garments are authentic and made in Colombia. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are long-time admirers of Colombian fajas because of their unique quality, comfort, durability, and fit.

Snatched Body fajas are engineered with a superior Powernet fabric, this high-end fabric enables unrivaled elastic compression and body shaping.

Wearing a faja is the perfect way for you to sculpt key areas like your waist, hips, and glutes, and most importantly after cosmetic surgery. 

With Snatched Body, you get an extremely comfortable garment that gives you the freedom to move, the necessary compression, and an unmatched sleek aesthetic design.

There’s a reason we’re doctor recommended, it’s because surgeons know that our quality fajas can effectively reduce swelling, bruising, and even scarring.

Our faja's unique variable sculpting mechanism is patented, meaning no other faja or garment can achieve what Snatched Body fajas can do.

We help dolls get the BBL or Lipo results that are social media ready!

However, it’s always a good idea to check with your medical provider to make sure our faja suits your specific needs… as it depends on the type of surgery you got!

We’re confident that our fajas will go above and beyond expectations by sculpting the best possible plastic surgery results.

Make sure to add this to your cart NOW, all our Fajas sell out really fast!!! 

We’re trying to keep up with the demand but our Snatched Dolls love them. Don’t miss out on experiencing the superior comfort of authentic Colombian fajas.

 *Our fajas do not include invisible bra, or bra padding (It was just included for preventing nudity on the product pictures). 

Fajas Size Chart 

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
TC Strout
Full Body Snatch

This is my first Snatch-Body purchase. I ordered it Tues, June 21 and received it Friday, June 24, with regular free shipping. I’m 4 weeks post-op today from lipo on: medial thighs, lateral thighs, full back, upper arms. I chose the Post Surgery Faja With Sleeves & Bra to give me compression in all these areas.

I was really nervous and confused about sizes and stages. After reading EVERY review, I decided to get the Medium. The superior quality of the garment was apparent as soon as I removed it from the pouch. It was a bear to get on, and it was a Herculean effort to fasten the loosest hook and eye. I definitely would be more comfortable in the Large.

Once I got passed the midsection, I could use the middle and highest hooks. My arms and legs feel fully supported but not painfully so. It’s perfect.

There is rubber/elastic inside the lace edges of the thighs, so it stays secure. To get into the garment, I folded the rubber/elastic outwards, so that anti slip grip wasn’t working against me. The garment stops at my knees, which is perfect.

The breast, hips, and butt is not compressed. The garment allows clothes to easily slip on and off.

I’m on the fence about the zip crotch. I’m used to a wide opening there. I did try to unzip it. I advise doing this carefully.

I am BEYOND pleased with my purchase and will be making a new order for another Stage 1 (for arm and the longer leg compression) and one Stage 2 garment.

Great job!

Great joh with the compression! About to get the stage 2 fajas ♥️♥️

I like not love

Very nice faja, I love the way it looks on me. Nice compression, waist looks snatched, and booty looks perfect. The major issue for me.. I’m only 5’3” and the crotch area is a problem.. it’s covering my opening and it’s suffocating. I’ve seen the same comments on here. It’s so uncomfortable! I’m going to have a seamstress fix it for me cause there’s no way I’ll be able to pee out of there. I need my cookie-ta to breath and it def rides up. I can only imagine the issues taller people have.

You will not be disappointed

I had a Lipo 360 + Bbl + Arm LIpo 9 days ago. The faja I was given along with the second + third one I purchased from my surgery center in Miami, I would say were perfect for the first week very medical like post opish faja.
I began to feel it getting looser and there was no access to the back area I had to take everything completely off to use the restroom 😩🥺. I knew it was time to try something new. I came across this site and omg!!! thank God that I did.. I feel like I am officially learning the difference in quality and snitching of fajas. I LOVE LOVE it!!!! A little hard to get into at first but once I got it passed the booty I was blow away. The compression is everything I honestly feel like my foams are no longer needed, I was able wear a spaghetti strip shirt underneath along with my back and abdominal boards.
The fact that there is a zipper from the front to the back is a time and headache saver. The arms are very compressed and it hold my breast perfectly. The leg space is what I love most about it; it doesn’t squeeze your tights it adapts to your body. Can’t leave without mentioning the freedom that it gives the hips and butt area. you will not be disappointed!. I have found my faja home, and will continue to order from this company. ( 5’3 1/2 not sure weight maybe 175ish, this is a medium)

Monique Nedrick

The absolute best!!!

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