Post-Surgery Faja With Bra


Got A Plastic Surgical Procedure Like Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, Or Tummy Tuck?

Before you go out and show the world your jaw-dropping transformation… you absolutely need to wear a Snatched Body Stage 1 post-surgery compression faja, doctors orders!

Snatched Body Post-Surgery Faja Without Bra (Stage 1):

  • Breast Augmentation Support: Our Snatched Body Faja with bra brings added breast support for those that got work done like breast augmentation. Get all the compression benefits for better-sculpted breast support.
  • Gentle Comfort Shoulder Straps: Added foam on the shoulder straps, so there is no pressure or pain! You’ll forget you have a faja on.
  • Variable Snatched Compression: Tailor-made for sculpting a smaller waist while providing enough ample room for fuller and more plump hips… just picture the perfect compression technology for a truly jaw-dropping Brazilian butt lift.
  • Added Back & Midsection Support: Since bbl’s consist of lipo 360, or complete sculpting of the back and midsection… we added an extra layer of compression that helps with maintaining a posture. 
  • 3 Variable Compression Hooks:Choose the right size every time! Most people have difficulty choosing a faja and go 1 size too large or too small. With 3 hooks, you can be certain you choose the right size! Not to mention now you also can control your compression level.
  • Bathroom Zipper:Go to the bathroom without having to take off your faja! There’s an added easy bathroom access zipper. No need to take it off and putting it back on for every bathroom trip

Why Snatched Body? 

All our “Fajas” are authentic and made in Colombia. Superstars like Kim Kardashian are long-time admirers of Colombian fajas because of their unique quality, comfort, durability, and fit.

Snatched Body fajas are engineered with a superior Powernet fabric, this high-end fabric enables unrivaled elastic compression and sculpting.

That way you get sculpting in key aesthetically pleasing areas (Waist, hips, and glutes) without going overboard. 

With Snatched Body, you get an extremely comfortable garment that gives you the freedom to move, the necessary compression, and an unmatched sleek aesthetic design.

There’s a reason we’re doctor recommended, it’s because surgeons know that our quality fajas can effectively reduce swelling, bruising, and even scarring.

Our faja unique variable sculpting mechanism is patented, meaning no other faja or garment can achieve what Snatched Body fajas can do.

We help dolls get results that are social media ready!

However, It’s always a good idea to check with your medical provider to make sure which faja suits your specific needs… it all depends on the type of surgery you got!

We’re confident that our fajas will go above and beyond expectations by sculpting the best possible plastic surgery results.

Make sure to add this to your cart NOW, all our Fajas sell out really fast!!! 

We’re trying to keep up with the demand, but our Snatched Dolls love them. Don’t miss out on experiencing the superior comfort of our authentic Colombian faja.

 *Our fajas do not include invisible bra, or bra padding (It was just included for preventing nudity on the product pictures). 

Fajas Size Chart 

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
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Stephanie Collado
Most Comfortable Faja

I am a over a month post op and I own 5 of these fajas so far. They are the most comfortable fajas especially for after surgery when you have to wear 24/7! My fav part is wearing certain clothes and you can’t tell I have the faja underneath unlike other fajas. Overall these are the best fajas hands down. 😍😍

vanessa rodriguez
Love the compression, hate the zipper!

I am 11 days post op and needed a faja with more compression as my other faja was pretty loose already. As soon as I saw this one, I knew it was exactly what my body needed. It hugs you in all the right places, and holy crap my waist looks TINY!! And let’s not forget the booty, that also looks amazing! However, as the time passed, I noticed that my Private part was not happy! Ugh… it just felt like the faja was getting in there! Not sure if it’s too short for me, since I do have a longer torso! Overall, I am happy with everything except the zipper!

Zipper Not Needed

This is hands down the best faja I’ve ever worn but after a while the zipper is pressing or rubbing against your woman parts and it’s unbearable. My husband actually took a straight razor and removed the zipper and the lace material that makes it stick to your thighs and I’ve never been happier. The padded shoulder pads add more comfort and it never digs into your skin. I can wear this faja all day and feel good while doing so. Definitely worth the buy.

Tasha Liggins
I love it

These fajas are the best I’ve ever come across. I Have a faja vendor for my business and I promise I won’t be selling or using those fajas ever again. I’m a person that prefers quality and I get that from snatched body! So mad I didn’t know about these fajas before. I also have their other products. The only product I didn’t like was the urine funnel it’s too small. Other than that the bbl pillow, massager, foams, and lumbar are all top tier. The lumbar molder does move around quite a bit but if I secure it with a foam or my belly band I’m in good shape.

Stage 1 faja!

Love it! It has just the right amount of compression. Day 1 I had to wear without foams just to stretch it out a bit .. Only thing I don’t like is the zipper rubbing my lady parts but definitely worth all the money!

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