BBL Firm Recovery Pillow

Meet The Perfect Companion For Dolls That Are Getting… Or Got Their Brazilian Butt Lift.

So, what do you get with the Snatched Body BBL Recovery Pillow?

  • The Ability To Travel & Sit: Our pillow works absolutely everywhere. Gain freedom of choice to sit again without causing any harm to your butt section post-surgery.
  • Reduce Harmful Pressure: Doctors the main concern express is the harm that sitting causes. When we sit the blood flow is stopped from flowing to the procedure section. This pillow enables proper blood flow while shifting the pressure to the lower thighs thus ensuring healing occurs without issue.
  • Firm Comfort & Support: The pillow is engineered for long stretches of sitting down. That means for work, rides, or just binging some of your favorite shows on the TV. When you touch it, you notice a firm yet squishy material. That’s the key here, it has to be firm enough to withstand long sits, but it has to be comfortable enough so people feel comfortable. 
  • Preserve Your Procedure: During the first recovery weeks after the BBL, making the wrong decision can permanently affect the quality of your results. This pillow does more than provide comfort. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the procedure yields results that make you want to brag about on ALL social media.

It’s an exciting time! Your gluteus section is about to become a whole lot plumper and rounder, but here’s the news that is not quite as exciting but VERY important.

Post-procedure time is just as important as the actual surgery. 

That means that to ensure: 

  • Rapid healing 
  • Minimal bruising
  • Minimal pain and scarring
  • Proper blood flow

Sitting down again for a period of time will be absolutely impossible!

That means saying no to work while sitting in an office chair, no to car rides, no to airplane rides, no sitting watching movies, no to sitting on a couch, no dining while sitting...

Well, that used to be the case… until we thought of a way to work around the main problem that sitting down causes after getting a BBL surgery done.

The BBL Recovery Pillow truly provides the most comfort and most importantly, the ability to sit down until you move closer to being fully recovered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christina S

I give this pillow 5 out 5, it holds my weight for hours at a time

Od Perez

So freaking happy to have this pillow by my side, now I can sit without worrying.

Leona Smith

Absolutely in love with it! Lol I can’t imagine recovering without my firm recovery pillow

Abigal Anderson

Can’t imagine going through recovery without it!

Abby Adner

I give this pillow 5 out 5, it holds my weight for hours at a time

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