Post Surgery Lipo Foam Boards (3 Pack)

The Under-Garment “Companion” That Makes Wearing One Feel Soft & Fluffy… Like a Cloud Is In Between Your Midsection And The Garment.

Snatched Body Post Surgery Lipo Foams were made to help with a quick recovery. However, added to its medical value, your comfort is very important to us.

This expanding foam helps you feel like there’s a cloud between a post op faja and your skin. So, what are some other features of the lipo foam pads?

  • Reduced Swelling & Bruising: The added soft padding of Lipo Foam Sheets increases compression to the surgery site. This softer experience increases the effectiveness of any faja.
  • Prevent Skin Folds: Lipo Foam Sheets help by ensuring total contact compression, keeping skin smooth and seamless. So when an undergarment does not fit snug, it is the perfect go-to product. 
  • Medical Grade: All of our foam boards have a high medical grade, meaning that they are sterile, dependable, and safe.
  • Works on Most Lipo Sites: Simply insert the foam pad between your skin and the compression garment and trim any excess. It's easy to use and versatile!
  • Corset Compatible: Designed for use with most common post-op compression garments and corsets. 

Have you worn a post-surgery compression after a procedure like tummy tuck? 

Well, If you haven’t had the chance let me tell you that the contact between suctioned area and the compression garment can get a little stiff at times…

You may have received an undergarment that does not fit as snug as you’d like… or something about it just does feel exactly like you imagined…

Causing you to feel like the garment is not making contact with your skin, which is not what you want for various reasons.

Doctors want there to be uniform smooth compression against the areas that were operated in order to ensure a couple things:

  • No skin folds
  • Quick healing
  • Minimal bruising
  • Minimal fluid retention
  • Uniform smooth compression

Our medical-grade foam ensures total contact compression. This helps reduce swelling and bruising while promoting efficient post-op healing. 

Lipo foam pads are comfortable and easy to use, simply cut them to fit and replace when the foam deforms.

Want to experience added healing benefits (as well as an extra comfort boost) in your post op journey? Then make sure to add these foams to your cart NOW.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Veronica Perez
The best!!

I am so glad I bought these phones things they have definitely helped especially in my faja postop surgery I would definitely recommend getting these if I were you

Leslie K

I love my foams! Originally I thought these were just going to compliment my post-op faja… but girrrl, let me tell you how wrong I was! My lipo foams are now my absolute favorite part of wearing it. I spent my first week of post-op without any faja accessories, I wasn’t super uncomfortable or anything, but when I slid these foams in, EVERYTHING changed! It just feels so soft and delightful around my mid-section. Like I upgraded my faja instantly, I can actually just fall asleep anywhere when I wear my foams now lol

Anzar Khan

I’m so happy I got these, it makes the recovery journey so much more comfortable

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