Stage 2 Faja Without Bra


Are You 6 Weeks Into Your Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, Or Tummy Tuck Recovery?

That means you’re ready for a stage 2 Snatched Body Faja! But what’s the difference between stage 1 and stage 2 fajas?

Snatched Body Stage 2 Fajas are made to continue shaping and sculpting the hips, waist, abdomen, and back area with an emphasis on comfort & aesthetics.

During this period you can begin to relax a little more, and that’s exactly what stage 2 is all about.

Snatched Body Stage 2 Faja Without Bra:

  • Shorter Cut Undergarment: When you’re 6 weeks in you’re ready to start wearing casual clothes. That’s why stage 2 fajas are easier to completely hide with casual clothing while at the same time giving your body a snatched figure.
  • Brilliant Soft Fabric: We chose an ultra-fabric that feels and looks luxurious, bright, and dazzling.

Plus all the stage 1 Snatched Body Faja benefits like:

  • Variable Snatched Compression: Tailor-made for sculpting a smaller waist while providing enough ample room for fuller and more plump hips… just picture the perfect compression technology for a truly jaw-dropping Brazilian butt lift.
  • Added Back & Midsection Support: Since bbl’s consist of lipo 360, or complete sculpting of the back and midsection… we added an extra layer of compression that helps with maintaining a posture. 
  • 3 Variable Compression Hooks: Choose the right size every time! Most people have difficulty choosing a faja and go 1 size too large or too small. With 3 hooks, you can be certain you choose the right size! Not to mention now you also can control your compression level.
  • Bathroom Zipper: Go to the bathroom without having to take off your faja! There’s an added easy bathroom access zipper. No need to take it off and putting it back on for every bathroom trip.

Continue the journey to a Snatched Body with a Snatched Body Stage 2 Fajas!

Our fajas are engineered specifically for bbl recovery, which also means liposuction and lipo 360 recoveries.

It’s always a good idea to check with your medical provider to make sure which faja suits your specific needs.

Make sure to add this to your cart NOW because all our Fajas sell out fast! We’re trying to keep up with the demand but our Snatched Dolls love them.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the superior comfort of our authentic Colombian faja.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Short torso

When I tell y’all this is the BEST faja for us short torso gals, I mean I live in it! I’ve wasted so much money on fajas that were just plain ill fitting and uncomfortable. I had a mini tummy tuck with 360 lipo and this faja has been my saving grace. There was an immediate difference in my swelling after just one day of use! Ordered my second garment. I only wish shipping was quicker.

Robin Jett
Great Compression!

I really love how compressed I feel in this stage 2 faja! I have def recommend it to friends! However, I'm 5'9 and it is very tight in my vajayjay area. I wish there were more options for taller women. Overall, I would recommend!

It would be perfect if you made a tall people one.

This faja is absolutely amazing! I love it!! The only thing is that it’s made for someone a lot shorter than me. It’s painful for my private parts. Definitely made for someone a lot shorter than me. I’ve heard this issue with other taller girls also and your fajas. They are amazing, just made for someone a lot shorter unfortunately.

Paulina Nava
Best fajas

I seriously love these fajas. I have used 2 stage 1 fajas and now I’m on my stage 2 that just came in today and wow! The compression and how thick the material is but doesn’t compress the hips has seriously been sanding! Thank you snatched-body!!

Great fit

I've tried multiple Fajas and this is the best one yet i ordered size large it is so comfortable waiting for them to stock up so i can purchase a medium it is tight and loose in all of the right areas love it

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