Liposuction Massage Roller

The Hand Held Massage Tool for Post-Op Lymphatic System Drainage on Your Own Time

So, what does the Liposuction Massage Roller do? 

Speeds Up Healing Time: Use this simple massage roller to speed up your healing and recovery time. With the proper massage after liposuction, a tummy tuck or a BBL, you'll feel better in no time!

Reduces Swelling: Massage treatments increase blood flow to reduce post-op swelling.

Break Up Scar Tissue: Prevent fibrosis and seroma through post-op massage. Using this roller helps to break up scar tissue from cosmetic surgery. Leaving you with smooth results.

Independent Rolling Spindles: In our snatched rollers, each spindle rolls on its own. This gives you the most efficient post-op massage experience.

Ergonomic Grip: Our handles have an anti-skid coating, so they are comfortable to grab! Making this roller effective and easy to use.

Plastic surgeons recommend getting massage treatments after liposuction, BBL's, and even tummy tucks. All this to help drain the accumulation of lymphatic system fluids.

That being said, it is crucial to follow your medical practitioner's advice. This will keep every part of the body at its peak recovery mode.

Unfortunately, there are times that visiting the massage therapist is simply not enough... And trust us, you want to do everything possible to help speed up healing and drainage.


  • For days when you’re feeling more fluid retention.
  • For days when you’re feeling too sore and tight.
  • For days when you’re feeling like you need a little “extra”...

Bring the luxury and rejuvenating feeling of a lymphatic massage, after BBL or lipo, to the comfort of your own home. With this ergonomically designed massage roller, everything is possible.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Davina Safir
Best ! No other words

Yes , by the pictures I thought it will be cheap
Material and east breakable , I can’t say enough how good and needed is this product , excited to use it now in June 8 2022

Massage Roller

This baby gets the job done as long as there is consistency...a little sore afterwards from the workout but Remember: No pain, No gain!

Savyskin Roberts

Was feeling really sore for the first few days post-op, when this finally arrived in the mail I began to use it right away. It just squeezes all my soreness away, worth it

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