P-EZ Female Urinal


After an operation--- getting to and on a toilet can be a bigger pain than the actual surgery itself for weeks!

Imagine just struggling to get out of bed, somehow wiggle out of an undergarment, to only have to struggle sitting on the toilet comfortably…. All while feeling the strong urge to go.

It’s not the easiest thing to do and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Go Anywhere, Without the Mess: Originally designed for travel, the P-EZ is the most user-friendly female urinal available on the market. It’s just so simple and easy to use... It can be used at bedside, the bathroom, standing up, and sitting down. 

No Leaks: Curved edge and sturdy silicone material make the P-EZ spill-proof.

Anti-Bacterial: The silicone material used in this product is anti-bacterial and easy to clean. 

No Flow-Back or Splashing: Designed with a long stem to ensure no flow-back, drips, or splashing.

Reusable: Handles are designed with an anti-skid coating that's easy and comfortable to grip, making this female urinal a long lasting solution to going #1.

And yes, it is compatible with all fajas, just make sure they have a zipper.

Make going #1 easy again with P-EZ and add this to your cart NOW.

Customer Reviews

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Sharelsa Sosa

Peeing is now fun lol Especially compared with trying to pee without sitting down

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