We've got something major cookin'

The Glow-Up Giveaway

Hey Dolls, listen up! we're all about boosting your beauty, whether you're up for some surgical or non-surgical glam. That’s why we’re giving away $5,000 USD to put toward your dream Makeover! 

How to get in on this?

It's easy! Just get a Snatched Body Faja, and you'll be automatically in. However, in order to participate, you must have a valid order, and no returns are allowed. You've gotta be 18 years or older. Every Faja you buy in October is a chance to win!

Did you win?

The surgery will take place 2 to 6 months after winning, depending on your schedule and the surgeon's availability at one of our partner clinics, so you're in the best hands! Just a quick heads-up: The surgery will take place in Miami and doesn't cover food, transportation, or accommodation.
The prize is transferable, and you can choose to gift it to a friend or family member. 


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Get your Snatched Faja and secure your shot at $5,000 for that next-level transformation.

Take your pick from these fantastic option:

Surgical Procedures:

Non-Surgical Procedures:

Get your faja and take your shot at winning!

Get your faja and take 

your shot at winning!

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