Abdominal Board Max

For those that want to experience the highest level of sculpting, comfort, and uniform healing across the midsection the recovery period after a BBL, lipo, or tummy tuck, this product is the way to go! 

Extra support under compression garments is absolutely necessary for both comfort and end results.

Your midsection becomes sensitive after any aesthetic procedure, so sensitive that wrinkles, skin folds, irritation, and fluid retention can happen without the proper support or sculpting wear.

Not to mention the discomfort and pain levels, they’re hard to deal with. All you need is delicate support that won't mark your skin.

The Snatched Body Abdominal Board MAX was designed to not only safely accompany your body shaper, but to also provide instant relief along the midsection during a prolonged period of time.

Dolls that got lipo, tummy tuck, or a BBL simply need a Snatched Body Abdominal Board MAX if they want perfect smooth sculpted results.

This ab board slips in easily inside any generic faja, but fits perfectly inside our Snatched Body compression garments.

Snatched Body Abdominal Board MAX

  • MAX Support: The largest size of the abdominal board we’ve produced yet! The surface of the board touches the entire midsection, so there is no room for skin folds to develop.
  • Decrease Pain & Discomfort: Avoid post-surgery pains by reinforcing the midsection with a stable and delicate full-size foundation board. It even helps absorb discomfort and unnecessary pressure!
  • The Perfect Companion For The Post Op Colombian Faja/Undergarments: Although our Colombian faja is already exceptional at minimizing discomfort, aiding with healing, and decreasing the chances of creases on the skin… there’s no such thing as too much protection when dealing with post-op recovery. Combined with our Colombian faja, you can experience even less: swelling, fluid retention, and irritation.
  • Delicate & Soft Fabric: The internal material that makes contact with the skin is engineered to be highly breathable, quick-drying, non-irritant, all while being strong enough to provide the support you need.
  • Superior Fit & A Flatter Tummy: Additional compression to the entire midsection means only one thing… better quality end results. Sculpt your midsection and avoid fluid retention, scar tissue, and skin folds.

Make the best out of your midsection surgery, and pick out your Snatched Body Abdominal Board MAX for the best end results possible!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Davina Safir
Best , must have!

I have my surgery now on June 8 , 2022 and I got this one to try first hand and I can say I already know it’s gonna work amazing I’m so excited ! I’ll be telling to the roomates I’d probably have in my recovery home about you guys ! Thank you 🙏

Total game changer!

This thing is amazing! It's reduced my swelling so much and I can tell the difference of when I do or don't use it because my tummy is flatter when I do use it. I had a tummy tuck and lipo to the waistline.

sara brown
3” too short to cover my from below my bra to my lower abdomen

I’m not tall - only 5’6 but do have a longer abdomen. Not only do the Faja not buckle over my shoulders on even the last clasps this abdomen board does not cover max - have a longer torso these products might not be for you

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