July 01, 2022 2 min read

The One & Only Brazilian Butt Lift Workout for a Forever BBL

Whether you got a BBL already, or are looking for similar results, the following regimen will help you maintain a round bum bum! Remember, it’s not all about just getting your butt lifted...

For those life-long results that come with a Brazilian Butt Lift, you have to stay in shape. Luckily, we have the beach baddie system, to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

What are the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Results?

asking about bbl resultsYes, it is true, you can buy an expensive exercise program that works and gets you the right booty results. But why do that when you can get it here? For FREE!

However, we must start by letting you know that these results are best seen when accompanied by a meal plan. If you are nourishing yourself properly, there is no workout program you won’t be able to complete.

So, follow our steps thoroughly, and you will have the strength training needed to shape your glutes into round perfection. Forget about stuffing and padded jeans (yes! We’ve seen them), strut your own curves with a slim thick figure, down our beautiful Miami shore.

The Nitty Gritty: Brazilian Butt Lift Exercises

From beginners to fully experienced athletes, everyone can complete these workouts. You will have to listen to your body in order to start adding resistance bands or ankle weights, however a yoga mat is a must-have for everyone’s comfort.

Start by doing these exercises 3 times a week and work your way up to 5 times a week. Continue to add reps (every 2 weeks) in order to feel the burn right in your glute muscles.

Plank Back Kicks 

plank back kicks


bridge workout

Leg Raises 

leg raises workout

Side to Side Lunges 

side to side lunges workout

Sit Ups 

sit ups workout

Crunch Kicks 

crunch kicks workout

Side Leg Raises 

side leg raises workout

And always remember! Take 30-second breaks between each workout … This will keep your body warm and your stamina going.

How Soon to Start Working Out After a BBL

woman with bbl

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. Weight loss does not equal BBL loss. Once the fat graft has settled in your body, doing BBL workouts will only help your butt muscles get stronger and fuller.

It takes from 4-6 weeks for the surgery to fully settle onto your body. However, it is always best to wait until week number 6 to start doing entire exercise routines. We also recommend talking to your Doctor about starting a butt lift workout, as surgery procedures always vary by patient. Once you get the full go, make sure to give these a try!

You don’t need a personal trainer to target a specific muscle group, here at Snatched Body we want you at your peak confidence level. So baby, just open up our blog, and get the latest news on training and nutrition in order to enhance those coke bottle curves.


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