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Are the Fajas good for postpartum or just post-op?

Post Op Snatched Body Fajas are for BBL, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover and Lipo procedures. Our Shapewear line can be worn daily and without surgery, so these can be used postpartum.

What are the Ab Board dimensions?

The Ab Board Mini is 9 inches tall, and 17 inches horizontally. Our Ab Board MAX is 12 inches tall and 13 inches horizontally.

What’s the difference between an Ab Board Mini and an Ab Board Max?

Snatched Body Ab Board MAX: Covers a larger area of the midsection with a soft internal lining.
Snatched Body Ab Board Mini: Covers less area but focuses on the core for gentle protection & sculpting.

Do Faja straps hurt your shoulders?

Our Fajas have comfort shoulder straps. They have added foam so there is no pressure or pain! You’ll forget you have a Faja on.

Is a Stage 2 Faja supposed to be tight in the butt area?

They are not. All of our Fajas are known for applying no pressure to your glutes.

Do the Fajas come with a zipper underneath?

Yes! Making it extra easy to have comfortable bathroom access.

Can I go to your store in Doral?

You are more than welcome to come, we have customer service experts to help you find the perfect Faja!

How can I use the massage roller?

Simply roll from top to bottom going from the outside in. Apply as much pressure as you can or have someone help you.

How does the size chart work and when do I measure my waist?

In order to have a smooth healing process you are going to need a minimum of two Fajas. The first measurement is immediately post-op. This is the size you will be using for the first two weeks.

After 14 days pass your swelling goes down, and you should measure your waist again. This measurement is usually one size below the original Faja.

However, after 6 weeks post-op please measure yourself one more time, we have met dolls who go down a whole 3 sizes! At this point your body will be ready for a Stage 2 Faja.

How do Fajas work?

Our Fajas have a natural hourglass shape with extra compression on your waist. The buttocks area is made of a material that can stretch more than twice the size of your waist. Giving you an immediately snatched look, surgery or not.

Still have questions?

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