BBL Post-Op Care Bundle


Our Snatched Body BBL Post-op Care Bundle brings three essential supplies that you'll need for recovering from a BBL.

A BBL involves a fat transfer typically from the stomach to the booty. That’s why a crucial part of recovering from a plastic surgery procedure like a BBL is to avoid sitting on your booty to maintain results. So you'll need tools that help you:

  • Avoid Pressure
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Increase Post-Surgery Comfort

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Withney Merisier
highly recommended

I ordered my bundle this Wednesday night and I already receive my package today thank you so much. I can't to try them

very fast delivery 🚚

sharita martin
bbl package

I ordered on a Friday and my package arrived on Tuesday the following week. Very fast delivery, I loved the items, the female urinal was the life of me after my procedure. I love all my products, THANKS GUYS

Savinka Thompson

So freaking happy to have this pillow by my side, now I can sit without worrying.

Ishu Kumari

This is like every single item a person that got a bbl needs. I’m so glad that I got it because I would be struggling so bad without it lol

Sara Will

I get to sit, to pee without struggling, and relieve myself with massages. It should be called the “YOU NEED TO BUY BBL BUNDLE” instead!

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