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Let’s get those bodies looking snatched this fall, ladies!

walking with waterBefore we get into the ten different exercises that will help you lower your body mass index (BMI), let’s get a few things straight. Because let’s be honest, it’s best if we just lay it all out in the open from the get go. First, your BMI has a whole lot to do with your genetics. Second, it has a heck of a lot to do with the food you put into your body. And third, it really only has a little to do with the workouts that you do.

The key here is to be consistent. It also depends on what your goals are. If you want to gain muscle, you’ll want to do more weight-resistance training and CrossFit type of exercises. Whereas lean muscles come more from the workouts that use your own body weight rather than dumbbells.

That said, We understand that sometimes, coming up with a motivating workout can seem nearly impossible. So, we are here to take the work and stress away. We’ve laid out ten of the best workouts that target fat cells and really help you see progress in your journey. These workouts will not only keep you inspired and motivated, but that motivation will lead to consistent workouts that lead to results. No matter what, just stick with it! The benefits always outweigh the negatives.

Try These 10 Exercises to Lower Your BMI

Now, let’s talk about BMI for a quick second. If you want to lower it, you have to know how to calculate it first. Calculating BMI is simple, just follow these steps:

BMI = weight (in pounds) / (height in inches x height in inches) x 703

The adult BMI should fall anywhere from 18.5 to 24.9, as recommended by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Another great technique to see bigger results sooner is by keeping track of protein, fat, and carb macros, but that’s another article’s time to shine! Today we are focusing on the ten fat-burning exercises with real results in lowering BMI.

top 10

  1. Walking and Jogging: Keeping up with a consistent cardio routine is important. It is also important to change up the ways in which you execute said cardio. Using different muscles and changing up your routine will excite your muscles and fat cells and help you get more out of your workouts.
  2. Pilates: Pilates is an amazing full-body high-intensity workout that is highly effective at burning fat and lowering BMI. it is recommended you include this workout in your exercise regimen at least periodically!
  3. Jumping Rope: Jumping rope is an easy and quick way to not only get a cardio workout in but also a bit of an arm sculpting workout as well. There are different rope jumping sequences you can find online. Adding a jump rope workout at the end of your gym workout is a great way to push yourself and really get those endorphins pumping.
  4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT workouts are usually about twenty minutes long and have you pouring in sweat after about five minutes. No joke. These workouts are literally nothing to joke about people. Highly, highly recommend HIIT to help lower BMI!
  5. Weight Lifting: Even if you aren’t trying to bulk up, you should never be afraid to do a little weight lifting. It helps to strengthen the muscles in ways that body-resistance workouts can’t.
  6. Yoga: Yoga is a mindful practice that usually scares people away because they know it involves a lot of stretching and they feel they “aren’t flexible enough to do yoga.” Which, of course, is equivalent to saying, “I’m too thirsty to drink water.”  In all seriousness, yoga is a flexibility practice. You aren’t supposed to be flexible when you first start. That’s the whole point! Get your butt on the mat! You will not regret it.
  7. Tabata: Tabata is a specific type of HIIT workout. It is one of the more intense versions of HIIT. So basically, copy and paste what I said above and multiply that by about ten.  Uh, yeah. Good luck.
  8. Crossfit: Crossfit is amazing because it helps to essentially transform your fat directly into muscle. This practice is recommended toward the end of your journey to lower your BMI. it will help you lower your BMI but not drastically, necessarily. This is more of a slow, strength-building progression.
  9. Targeted Workouts: Any type of workout that targets specific muscle groups will lead to long-term results of lowering BMI while simultaneously toning the body.
  10. Meditation: This one seems a bit far fetched, but check out this great article by the Huff Post for more information! Essentially, meditation teaches mindfulness, and when we are mindful and in the present moment, we are more likely to make healthier choices for ourselves.

    Whether those are food choices, workout choices, or otherwise. It also mentions that in a recently conducted study, people that meditate every day are 50% likely to develop obesity.

So there you have it folks! Remember to keep up with us for all the juicy weight maintenance, health, and fitness tips to keep you looking snatched all year round!


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