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Stay fierce and confident with our 100% Colombian Fajas. We live for our Snatched Dolls and have the feedback to prove it. Simply check out the testimonials!

  • Shanese Harrison


    Great pruduct! Firm, perfect size and feels amazing. I can already feel my skin loosening after the firrst use. I had a mommy makeover a few weeks ago andstill have some areas thta are swollen and very firm... this will help loosen them. The size of this item allows you to use it on yourself, wich is good for when you don’t have some around. I reccomend this to anyone that’s had a lipo!!

  • Nadine R. Edwards


    So let's talk right fast, it's super long allowing you to wrap all the torso fat you can see🤦🏾‍♀️. Super sturdy material and it does NOT roll down when seated or being active. Wore it while doing my afternoon run and it did what needed to be done. I was a sweaty mess when I came in 🥵🥵🥵. Depending on the material of your clothes it can be seamless but not with the thin win clothes that's "in style" nowadays 🤣🤣. I also use my traditional waist trainer over it for that little extra umph! #PRESSURE 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Miranda Smith


    This pillow came in handy when it was time to start driving again and going back to work. Driving took a bit of getting used too... but sitting at work it was my savior!! It is very firm wich I like and it returns back to its shape within a few minutes if not sooner! Literally saved my butt!! I love it!!

  • Ema Gonzalez


    I've have a lot of issues with my shape for years and I've worn fajas since I'm a teenager bc I'm kinda scared of have a procedure done. This brand has literally saved my life! The fabric and the quality of this product is awesome, it's resistant and very light, does not itch and super comfy. I look amazing, Snatched definitely do wonders shaping your body!