July 01, 2022 2 min read

Top 10 Costumes to Wear With a Faja

If you recently got an aesthetic surgery and are wondering what costumes you could possibly wear this halloween… We got you! These top 10 sexy costume ideas for women are perfect for maintaining discreet shape-wear, while also showing off your curves.

  1. Morticia Addams
  2. Addams family costume ideas are always popular during this time of year. A tight gothic dress will give you that Halloween edge, while still accentuating your body. It can even be used for a sexy couple costume, with Gomez right by your side!

    morticia addams costume

  3. Santa Baby
  4. For both girls and adult women, Christmas costume ideas are never out of style. So doll yourself up if you just can’t wait for the 25th... After all, it’s still a costume!

    woman christmas costume

  5. Hot Cop
  6. Lay down the law on what it means to be sexy, curvy, and snatched. This Cop costume is the perfect length to cover up a faja on every end. So you can always feel confident, and comfortable.

    sexy cop costume

  7. Cute Sheep
  8. If you are more into adorable costumes that won’t scare anyone away, this sheep costume may be exactly what you need. It also comes in different animals for your choosing. The best part though, are the tall socks, which can always cover up the leg section in your faja.

    sexy animal costume

  9. Spiderman
  10. Superheroes are all the buzz right now, and a women’s Spiderman costume is the way to go for a Marvel theme. This body suit will also accentuate all your curves, while covering up any shape-wear… completely!

    woman spiderman costume

  11. Cat Woman
  12. If you are feeling a little edgy and would rather play the villain, Cat Woman is the epitome of sexy. Your snatched waist will be impossible to miss, especially if it comes with a BBL!

    cat woman bodysuit

  13. Black Panther
  14. Much like Cat Woman, the Black Panther character has the perfect costume to cover up your faja while looking like a snack! This female version of the Black Panther will have you turning heads all night.

    black panther woman costume

  15. Aristocrat
  16. Looking for corset costume ideas? This Aristocratic dress can certainly cover up a faja while you show off that snatched waist!

    aristocrat dress costume

  17. Alice in Wonderland
  18. And let’s never forget about the masterpiece that is Alice in Wonderland. It may not be the first idea to pop into your head when thinking about sexy costumes. But by taking a dive into the rabbit hole, a curvaceous body can look absolutely mad and sexy.

    alice in wonderland costume

  19. Burlesque
  20. Obviously a Burlesque costume is bound to make you feel confident and snatched. The problem is finding one that can cover up your faja! However we found that with the right socks, and a long back, you are bound to look sensual and classy.

      sexy burlesque costume

      So don't even think about skipping Halloween this year. Because even with a faja on, the opportunities are endless!


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